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      Your wedding will be full of special moments... for you and your guests. Many will be spontaneous and magical. At  Celebrations we will create the ideal environment for those moments to happen.

      As a couple you may be traditionally religious, or more secular. You may be a same-sex couple or one of each gender.  You may have lived together for years, or are starting out fresh together. No matter who you are, at Celebrations we will assist you in creating a wedding that is uniquely YOU!

      Choose a reception only or dramatically simplify your wedding planning with a nearly all-inclusive event by taking  advantage of all that we offer including the ceremony and reception venue, catering, bar service, decorating, center pieces, planning help and even in-house DJ and Photography services. We'll make it easy for you!

      Unlike other locations that may specialize in making wine, or being a restaurant, museum, park or other specialty and they also do weddings. At Celebrations, we specialize in weddings, it's what we do!"

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