How many people can Celebrations hold?
    Depends on the event… Our permit is for 330 but for a wedding our maximum is 250 for the reception and our comfort zone is about 75-200. We do host weddings each year for 50 people and for close to 250. Keep in mind that if you invite 300 guests to a wedding, you will likely only get about 200. For other events such as a conference or cocktail hour we can accommodate up to 300 guests. For a ceremony in our tent we can seat about 200 guests plus the bridal party that is not in the tent. Contact us to discuss your event or come in for a tour and we can explain exactly how we would set the room for your group.

    How many events do you host each day?
    Just one! If you book a date with us then you are our total focus that day and we will not be rushing you out in order to prepare for someone else.

    Do you allow outside caterers?
    Typically we do not unless there is a very special situation. All food is made on-site based on the menu you select.

    Do you offer discounts?
    Yes. We offer discounts on non-Saturday (non-holiday) events and on Saturdays from Nov. 1st to Memorial Day. We also discount kids depending on the type of package selected and the child’s age.

    Do you hold dates?
    We do not hold dates. If you want to reserve a date then we require a signed contract and a deposit.

    How far in advance do we need to book to ensure that we will get the date we want?
    Good question! We always tell people that if you are looking for a specific date then look quickly and get your venue booked ASAP. We generally book a couple events almost 2 years out each year. If you are flexible on your date then you have lots of time especially if you are willing to choose a non-Saturday event. Remember that unfortunately there are only a few warm Saturday’s in Upstate New York.

    Do you carry insurance?
    Sounds like a no brainer but we get asked this all the time!! Some wedding planning guides or web sites suggest asking this because there are a lot of facilities that do other things but may host a wedding on occasion. Rest assured we are fully insured and then some!!

    Can we do a complete outdoor reception at Celebrations?
    Yes, but… Our tent is 1600 square feet and can accommodate a dinner party for close to 100 guests, however for a wedding you also need a cake table, head table, gift table, dance floor, DJ, buffet, etc. and all of these things take up space so a reception for about 50 guests is all we can do in our tent. Beyond that, we can rent additional tents and we have lots of space so large groups are possible outside. We can more easily host an outdoor cocktail hour or wedding ceremony followed by an indoor reception. Celebrations was built with the outdoors in mind and our banquet hall has a large deck and 8 sets of double open doors so your guests are never more than a few steps from being outside if they wish but can still enjoy the dance floor, air conditioning and bathrooms! Most of our events incorporate both the outdoor setting and the comforts of the banquet hall.

    How did you get started?
    John has an engineering degree and Laurie has a marketing degree and an MBA so it just made sense! Actually John’s father Jim Morse started and ran a successful tent rental business (Jim’s Tent Rentals est. 1990) and he wanted to expand. His idea was a landscaped gazebo area with a nice place to put his tents for large receptions, a parking lot, bathrooms and a building to store his equipment and use as an office. We decided to invest with him as well as John’s sister and her husband. We built the facility ourselves from 1997-1999 and opened in 1999 as a rental hall only available to outside caterers. In 2004, Jim’s Tent Rentals was sold and John & Laurie purchased Celebrations from the other partners to become the sole owners. We both work full time at the facility and we have continued to make changes and invest in the business each year which has led us to become one of the premier wedding and event venues in the Ithaca and Finger Lakes region.

    Do you have hotel rooms available?
    No, but the Best Western University Inn offers shuttle service to our facility, will block rooms and they often offer discounts to Celebrations customers. They are also the closest hotel to us.

    Can you host a wedding in the winter months?
    Yes. We can offer an indoor ceremony followed by the reception. (See pictures)

    Do we have to use your in-house DJ and Photographer?
    No. We offer these services but they are completely optional and you can bring whomever you like. Outside DJ’s must bring their own equipment. We do require that guests use our bar and catering services.

    If we choose your DJ can we request songs?
    Absolutely! Give us a list and we will make sure we have the songs ready to go. We recommend a short list of requested songs or artists that you like and then also giving the DJ the flexibility to take requests during the event or choose songs themselves. Remember they are the professional and some songs you like to listen to at home may not be ideal at a wedding or other event for a large group.

    Are you air conditioned?
    Yes and this is VERY important for a large group. With 100+ guests we almost always use our air conditioners even during the winter months due to body heat, lights, etc. In the summer it is a must have. We also have a generator that will even run our air conditioners should the power go out!!

    What happens if it is a rainy day?
    For rainy day ceremonies, we close the curtains on our tent and we have a large number of umbrellas that we make available to guests and additional matching umbrellas that we use for the bridal party. The ceremony takes place under the tent so everyone is protected. (See Rainy Day Pictures)

    What if we need to cancel our event?
    All events are subject to a cancellation fee. The amount is based on if we can re-book the event and how far in advance the cancellation occurs. If you are in the military and not in control of your own schedule, then we recommend event insurance. Contact us for more details.

    Why should we choose Celebrations?
    At Celebrations you will deal directly with the owners which is a big deal. Our venue is unique and we offer top notch quality meals. We believe we are very good at what we do but we need to be right for you. Ask a friend who has been here or schedule a tour with us and you will quickly see what makes us special and then decide for yourself if Celebrations is the perfect place for your special day!!

  • We can accomodate weddings that range from 50 to close to 250 people. Contact us to discuss your event, and how we can best suit your needs.

    We host just one event each day, so our total focus that day will be to make your event run smoothly, and professionally.

    We can make your event, completely out doors, or....

    ... completely indoors, or a combination of both, what ever your needs are.

    At Celebrations you will deal directly with the owners, and receive excellent, attentive service. We pay careful attention to detail, and will work hard, to make your special day perfet!