• In-House DJ

    Celebrations began offering in-house DJ service in 2004 and we generally DJ 40+ events per year including weddings/proms/ student groups/Mitzvah's/etc. Typically we DJ all but about 3-4 of our weddings for the entire year! Advantages of our DJ service include:

    • Single point of contact allowing for DJ planning to be done at the same meeting as the event planning.
    • Caterer and DJ are automatically on the same timeline. No coordination needs to be done by the customer.
    • Our DJ's are experienced, professional and fun!!
    • Built in sound system allowing for better sound quality.
      • 16 small speakers in the room and 4 on the deck creating consistent sound levels in all locations perfect for low volume background music during dinner and cocktail hour or for conferences.
      • Separate sound system directly over the dance floor allowing for much bigger volume on the dance floor but still less where your guests are seated - perfect for weddings!!
    • DJ booth to keep all DJ equipment off the floor and out of your wedding photos.
    • Built in DJ lighting including mirror balls and other dance lighting.

    Customer Praise:

    • "The DJ did a great job - really worked with the dancing crowd." Rita 6/6/10
    • "Celebration's DJ was so easy to work with! He took the list of songs we provided and effortlessly weaved in songs that complimented the overall mood we were trying to create." Jon & Greg 7/14/12
    • "...the DJ did a fantastic job" Jolene & Jesse 10/4/13